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Bowl After Bowl

Oct 2020

Episode 43 ★ Fertility

October 7, 2020

Spencer and Laurien come packing the weekly bowl and also bearing good tidings of great joy! Kiddo number 3 is on the way, and we learned last week on ABS n a 6 Pack that Illuminadia is expecting her first as well!!! So Laurien and Illuminadia are now pregnancy buddies.

We also discuss an exciting upcoming fourcast/foursome/fourplay/fourgy tomorrow night with Carolyn and Fletcher of Hog Story fame! We will join forces to live stream No Agenda Bingo for the VP debates!

Strikes and gutterballs were a plenty, Spencer gets into an incoherent rant over what is and isn't "revenge porn," and we had voicemails from Leyonhjelm and Fletcher about this week's #FTIE topic, "The first time I ever went bowling." Next week's topic is "the first time I ever had Chipotle."