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Bowl After Bowl

Aug 2020

Episode 36 ★ Bullets Revolve

August 19, 2020

In Episode 36 there is a lot to discuss! Spencer takes us on a journey through time with a new segment "today in history" in which we explore the lost colony of Roanoke and the English traial of the Pendle witches, among other historical notes.


In weed news, Laurien found a study that suggests what she's said many times: that whole plant cannabis medicines are more effective than their isolated components. There also may be a potential supreme court case that if heard could have federal legalization implications.


Our #FTIE this week was "First Time I Ever sent someone a nude." Laurien and Spencer recount their first nudes ever sent and reminisce about how bad older phones used to be.


Voicemails this week from our pals Dustin & Gorgina and BlueDouche33


May your bowls burn ever brighter!