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Jan 2021

Episode 59 ★ Nicorette Was Right

Thank you nodebit for making Bowl After Bowl happen live! We are so grateful for our executive producers tonight: Medus, Sir SeatSitter, and Sircuss Media. Bowl After Bowl is a value for value podcast. We depend on the time, talent, and treasure of our producers, like Dame Jennifer whose siren call welcomes listeners to the bowl every episode.

An update for anyone looking to add Podcast 2.0 Lightning functionality in the long term: My advice is to get a RaspiBlitz up and running, so you own and control your own full lightning node!

The Norwegian Public Health Authority has stated there was no medically proven link established between the deaths of 33 elderly people who died after receiving their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

In Singapore, a 33-year-old man was arrested for allegedly breaking into his neighbor's home and kissing a sleeping lady. 

Lastly, a couple who just happened to be married for 33 years dies from COVID-19 just one day apart. 

After the last show at 12:22 AM, the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead on Lisa Montgomery's execution and she was executed at 1:31 AM.  What timing!

After being labeled "essential businesses" for the past year, owners of cannabis companies are encouraging employees to get the vaccine. Some are even writing to lawmakers asking to be classified Phase 1A along with healthcare workers, which is what happened in Maryland. Activists are giving out baggies of the good-good to folks at vaccine sites in D.C. while a Michigan dispensary is giving out Pot for Shots.

Weed sales in Arkansas hit $175mil in 2020. That number could easily double in 2021. A compliance task force has been assembled in the state of Washington to help licensees follow all the burdensome rules and regulations. Researchers in Slovenia found a simpler way to measure cannabinoid and terpene content simultaneously using gas chromatography. The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on deceptive marketing claims made by CBD companies in their Operation CBDeceit. The American Medical Association filed to overturn Mississippi's November vote for legalization. Weed no longer violates the anti-doping rules of the UFC and Virginia could see a recreational market in 2023.  More details on that in Governor Ralph Northam's State of the State tomorrow.


Safehouse won't be opening a safe injection site in Philadelphia after the appellate court stood with the federal government and ruled they are illegal.

Gutters and Strikes

A man attempted to rape a 33-year-oldin the Bronx and ran away when she bit his hand.

A beer cave discovered in St. Louis's Benton Park neighborhood.

A Missouri woman turned in her small scratcher earnings for more scratchers and won $1 million.  Another Missouri woman was reunited with her class ring after 42 years. And Missouri police wrangled a loose ostrich.

We share stories with callers about the first time we ever called into a radio station and next week we'll be discussing the first time I ever bought legal weed. Call or text us at (816) 607-3663 with your FTIE

Jan 2021

Episode 58 ★ It’s Been Boy

Thank you nodebit for making Bowl After Bowl and to our executive producer, The Rev. CyberTrucker, for his support! Bowl After Bowl will always be a value for value podcast.

The magic number was all around this weeks. 33% of Americans believe banning Trump from some social media went too far. At least 33 people shot, 5 injured this weekend in Chicago. The dude in the epic buffalo garb also happens to be 33 years old.

A British hacktivist has allegedly archived every Parler post - even deleted ones - for Internet archiving.

Bruce Willis was asked to leave store for refusing to wear a face diaper. Too bad he lives so far away! We would love to host him at the Kansas City No Agenda meetup this Friday at Don Chilito's! Can you believe Kansas City is touting ventilators as new technology to combat the Rona? They published a positive ventilator PR story the other day.

Lisa Montgomery's execution is once again indefinitely postponed. The decision was granted today, though the Department of Justice is battling it in appeals. Just in case she was federally executed today, though, our local news played a 15-minute memorial of sorts last night that included a fucking song. In the morning!

 Missouri House Democrats filed Resolution 10 urging Josh Hawley to resign after he dared to listen to and act on behalf of his constituents. His book deal was slashed and now Hallmark is asking for their donation money back. Ha!

The Kansas City Star removed the image of its founder, William Rockhill Nelson, from their publication along with his quote, "A paper for the people." Their editorial board has previously called for the renaming of JC Nichols Parkway and the Chiefs.

Kansas representative Aaron Coleman has requested to leave the Democratic party and become an Independent. Unfortunately for him, Kansas Democrats have already filed a complaint about him that will lead to a bipartisan investigation. 

Welcome to Kansas City, From the Earth dispensary! They opened last Friday as Missouri slowly continues rolling out our medical market. Oregon made $1 billion in 2020 sales, creating a new record for themselves! The South Dakota Governor issued an executive order challenging the amendment legalizing recreational while Colorado issues a recall on two strains. And if you're looking to get into this budding industry, Arkansas is now issuing processing and transport licenses.

We discuss the first time we ever got high at a concert and listen to producer stories, then get inspiration for next week's FTIE from phoneboy: the first time I ever called into a radio show.

We round out the show by throwing some strikes, but mostly gutters:
Jan 2021

Episode 57 ★ Struck By Lightning

Thanks nodebit for making Bowl After Bowl possible as well as executive producers Dave Jones and Adam Curry for boosting our tribe on the Sphinx Chat. We wish a very happy magic number birthday to Illuminadia and share our gratitude for Fletcher and Carolyn of Hog Story who were gracious enough to host us in the smoker once again for episode 145. Thank you, hogs! We love you. Shoutout to Darren O'Neill for organizing the epic New Year's Eve No Agenda hangcast for all the wonderful producers out there. This community is a blessing.

SirSpencer rigged up the hood mic so everyone could hear the gunshots ringing in the new year in our neighborhood from a safe distance. This year in Kansas City, there were only 271 calls reporting gunfire and 240 recorded gunshot sounds picked up by Shot Spotter, adding up to 1,600 rounds fired in total. That's less than last year, but the 'rona and 2 a.m. snow probably had something to do with it.

Spencer gave us the full rundown of his recent attempts to take Bowl After Bowl into the Podcasting 2.0 Value Network. If you use Sphinx Chat, you may now join the Bowl After Bowl tribe by scanning the QR code below:

We ask that if you are on an app that streams sats to boost us and slide that value slider up!!! Check out this link for other Sphinx tribes and if you need help or have questions about joining the value network, reach out to Spence here.


Julian Assange's legal team is seeking his bail tomorrow, which just so happens to be January 6th, a day Trump tweeted "will be wild." Meanwhile, a CBS exclusive claims the FBI and FAA are looking into threats of a plane flying into the Capitol building. Japan held a Stop the Steal rally with YUGE turnout, so we cannot wait to see the amount of pedes who show up in D.C. 

We discuss the Georgia Secretary of State admitting he releasedhis phone call with Trump,  Project Veritas' drop revealing homeless voters using the same Fulton County, Georgia address, Kyle Rittenhouse pleading not guilty to his charges, the arrest and release of Enrique Tarrio for burning a stolen BLM flag, Hawley's D.C. home being terrorized by ShutDownDC protestors. Frontline workers refusing vaccine and Lisa Montgomery is once again scheduled to be federally executed on January 12th, although her attorneys are heading for the Supreme Court.

Texas joins the ranks of states to watch for weed in 2021 with more than 20 bills pre-filed for this legislative session.  California weed predictions include streamlining state oversight and legalized regional marketing, but only weed grown in the ground with native soil and sunlight. Montana adult-use legalization law took effect January 1 while New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delays signing adult-use legalization legislation, asking lawmakers to impose civil penalties on minors in possession. And in a 2021 surprise, the DEA published its final rule to expand the number of federally approved cultivators of marijuana for research from the current grower, University of Mississippi, to between 3 and 15 more. They could even start issuing licenses this month!

We share some crazy FTIE stories about bowlers' first time they ever ended up being a patient in the hospital and next week, we want to hear about the first time you ever got high at a concert!

Leave us a voicemail or send us a text DAY OR NIGHT at (816) 607-3663

Dec 2020

Episode 56 ★ Yeah, I Suck Suck

Thanks nodebit for making Bowl After Bowl possible and giving life to this stream!
Spencer and Laurien share stories of a Merry Christmas including the best gifts shared, frugal finds, a classic holiday movie finally seen, and the city's first snowfall.

Also, we remember folks lost around Christmas this year and send health karma to GWFF and his family. In other No Agenda Social community news, check out if you haven't yet. You can make your own contributions, plus commandlinekid put a lot of work into making it happen.


A Santa of 33 yearscontinues to answer kids' toughest questions, like who his favorite reindeer is. But in humbug news, Denmark claims to have found 33 cases of the new 'rona variant and Pennsylvani ordered 33 more restaurants to close after they got caught feeding their patrons inside. Funny enough, a Pennsylvania restaurant hit with nearly $10,000 in state citations for reopening their business in May was found not guilty because apparently the governor and Department of Health's orders cannot be punished under criminal law. 


We mention a Boston doctor's allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine, how Biden's 33-year-old niece gets no jail time for Pennsylvania DUI, and Bill Gates' proposed sun-dimming technology. Yikes. Meanwhile, a high school senior in Nevada is suing after being forced to take a Critical Race Theory class forcing students to identify as oppressed or oppressors. 


Lisa Montgomery's execution date is on hold because of a stay of motion since her lawyers came down with the coof. Initially, the Justice Department had rescheduled it for January 12. Her family may not admire the president, who started taking care of business when it comes to prisoners sitting on death row, but Trump is 2020's most admired man. He even gave a presidential pardon to Weldon Angelos for a federal marijuana conviction, of which he served 13 years of his sentence. A 420 POW was also pardoned under Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


Kansas City made it into a High Times headline after cops suggested pot may have caused this month's spike in fatal car crashes. A major donor to Montana's legalization initiative is facing prosecution related to campaign finance which hedges on whether or not their sole purpose is election interference. But in a sign of normalization, K-12 students in Pennsylvania can learn about making sustainable plastic out of hemp during the state's virtual Farm Show.


 NORML published a list of states to watch in 2021 including the likes of Kentucky, Virginia,  Rhode Island, South Carolina, New York, New Mexico, and Connecticut, but *red book prediction*: Maryland should be mentioned in there as well.


To make Cannabis Cups happen in 2020, state dispensary workers acted as judges and shared the best their state had to offer. Next year, New Jersey will be able to participate since their constitutional amendment for a recreational market starts up on January 1st, but a bill proposing decriminalization for everyone -- including anyone under the age of 21 -- has caused a little confusion.


And lastly, CBD could be an antimicrobial treatment for fresh produce after research shows it extends the shelf life and stops mold growth on strawberries. It could prove effective for mouthwash,too.


 The Washington, D.C. City Council decriminalized possession of drug paraphernalia as part of the broader Opioid Overdose Prevention Act earlier this month and signed it into law this week while the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of spiritual psilocybin use. Healthcare professionals in Canada will be able to legally use magic mushrooms too, the health minister said. 


Oh, deer. A deer rescued from frozen lake in Kansas while, over the border, a deer was saved after becoming entangled in Christmas lights.  A third deer repeatedly attempted to break into a New Jersey elementary school and a mysterious gingerbread monolith showed up in San Francisco.


3-3-3 is the winning lottery number for the Pick 3, but three is also the number of weeks a Missouri woman had to agonize over her lost winning ticket before being able to claim her $180,000. The mayor of Atlantic City is hoping to cash in on Trump Derangement Syndrome by auctioning off the chance to virtually click and demolish the former Trump casino. Oh, and if you were worried about the anteater that escaped from the Taiwan zoo, it turned up safe and sound -- 3 months after its escape.

Listeners share their stories about the first time they ever choked in front of everyone and we implore you to call to answer next week's FTIE topic: the first time I ever was a patient in the hospital.
Also, you heard it here first: the next Kansas City No Agenda meetup is scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2021 at Don Chilito's. Let's support this small business mentioned on the last show in our fight for freedom!
Dec 2020

Episode 55 ★ Bowls With Buds ★ John Fletcher & Carolyn Blaney

John Fletcher and Carolyn Blaney join us in the bowl for our first episode of Bowls with Buds! 

Dec 2020

Episode 54 ★ The Boy Conquer America

Huge THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to executive producers Farmer Todd and NetNed who brought this episode to you! Also, thank you Nodebit for making this podcast possible.
Christmas celebrations abound in the bowl as we share stories from our first family get together, reindeer visits during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/Christmas Star, and clips from our toddlers' unofficial holiday album. 

After a holiday hiatus, the next No Agenda meetup is in the works to support local Johnson County business Don Chilito's whose owner refuses to commit business suicide and put up a sign saying, "Masks not required." And we should mention that our first episode of Bowls with Buds is coming up on Saturday, December 26th with none other than Hog Story's Fletcher and Carolyn. Bowl After Bowl would not have resurrected without them. 

A dipping sauce dispute in St. Louis led to an employee being shot. We've been hangry, but not that hangry. There's a group in Kansas City reminding folks to smoke their tires, not their homies. I mean, an American already dies every 33 seconds anyway. Probably not from COVID, though.

Johnny Depp's ex is doing domestic violence speaking gigs for $33,000 each and Wellington the Penguin turned 33 years old with a livestreamed celebration in Chicago.

Trump said he will veto the 5,000-plus COVID relief bill which, among a heap of other random things, amends a federal law from 1998 mandating anyone applying for student aid to disclose any drug-related convictions and restores eligibility of the incarcerated to get Pell Grants.

Weed purchases on the book went up 67% in 2020 withAmericans spending nearly $18 billion on the herb.  Unfortunately, the Show-Me State won't be catching up to Oklahoma's record 2,392 licenses anytime soon since a judge just ruled against a challenge to cultivation licenses and scoring.

 On the bowling lanes, masturbating accidentally saved this man's life, a 4-year-old girl randomly mentions a "friend" who turned out to be a prisoner in the early 1900s, and we break down the 12 Days of Christmas costs in real life. Humbug Scrooge landlords in Washington say, "Merry Christmas," to their tenants by sending them an envelope with a postage stamp to send their rent money in. In England, commercials depict Santa dying of COVID or visiting houses in a hazmat suit. Luckily, Burger King made us laugh cry by putting a carol version of "Ding, Fries are Done" in their new COVID masked-up Christmas commercial

We discuss the first time we ever listened to No Agenda and hear from quite a few producers about their experience getting hit in the mouth. Next time, our FTIE topic will be the first time you ever choked in front of everyone -- as in totally embarrassed yourself in front of the class, on stage, etc. Can't wait to hear from you!

Call or text us any time at:  (816) 607-3663

Dec 2020

Episode 53 ★ Cigarette Socket

The post office is in the news! Apparently this past week was the deadline for getting Christmas packages mailed on time. News to us. Then, a local worker was indicted for stealing mail and cashing citizens' checks.  They didn't steal the COVID vaccine though -- that arrived safely and was already shot into a Kansas City nurse.  


No one was shot at the D.C. Stop the Steal rally, but 33 people were arrested. Another 33 people were ticketed in Ontario for private gatherings, and apparently 33% of Michigan restaurant operators think they'll be closed in 6 months.


Richard DeLisi, a Florida cannabis prisoner serving a 90-year-sentence, was released this past week. His family racked up $330,000 in attorney fees and collect calls over the 31 years he served. The National Institute on Drug Abuse once again awarded a federal contract to the University of Missouri so they can grow weed for federal research. They have been the sole holder of the contract since 1968.  Massachusetts dispensaries will be able to sell hemp now -- but only from state licensed growers. 


We got tons of great voicemails sharing first time I ever went camping stories and a few tales of the first time bowlers ever smoked a cigarette. Next week, our FTIE will be the first time I ever listened to No Agenda.

Dec 2020

Episode 52 ★ Free and Acting

The magic number took the spotlight this week with 33 million Californians under lockdown and a 3-3 vote rejected a symbolic resolution affirming Biden as president-elect. Oh, and maybe you caught its appearance in this Georgia poll worker Ruby Freeman's livestream

In local news, a man was shot around 3:30 PM on a 3300 block. Then, a Kansas City TV anchor suggests COVID may cause erectile dysfunction and debunks infertility with an "expert" simply saying, "No." Kansas City company CLOVR is the first in the state to be approved to bake edibles.


Lots of stoners jumping up and down after the MORE Act became the first decriminalization bill to pass a chamber of Congress. It slated to for a vote before Election Day, but COVID was deemed a higher priority. Funny thing is, COVID seems here to say with no resolution on a second stimulus check, so why schedule this vote now? Probably the same reason aliens are in the news: DISTRACTION. 


Next year, the NBA may test players for the rona, but they won't be testing for weed,and Colorado cities like Denver and Aurora may finally get a delivery system in place. They appear to be following in the footsteps of Massachusetts delivery system, with a six-year stipulation that licenses can only go to social equity applicants.


After getting shafted by the Supreme Court in 2020, Nebraska advocates have decided to take up two initiatives in 2022: medical and recreational, just like their neighbor South Dakota where both passed.


An Oregon doctor had his license revoked after telling rally attendees that he and his staff don't wear masks. We debunk this recipe, suggesting it takes three cups of cum to make a baby and cheer on the Tennessee couple that broke a record after adopting and birthing a 28-year-old frozen embryo. A renovation team at the Roslyn Grist Mill in New York found a 1917 letter in a milk bottle with some coins. Did the Paw Patrol advent calendar include guns and grenades? Spoiler alert: no. 


We hear from Boo-Bury and FarmerTodd about the first time they ever went camping and propose our FTIE for next week: first time I ever smoked cigarettes. SPOILER ALERT: Our first time I ever for 12/22 will be the first time I was ever a hospital patient. Yes, we got two birds stoned this week on our prompts. Now give us a call and share your story!

(816) 607-DOOF (3663)

Dec 2020

Episode 51 ★ Good Science Times

Thanksgiving break may be over, but we can still appreciate this Florida man who thawed his turkey out in the backyard pool. We had two Zoom calls too many but enjoyed the Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr. fight this weekend. Lots to be thankful here in Kansas City though with an impending Super Bowl Baby Boom and Santa Claus arriving to town. Another mascot is getting nerfed, though, after 3,300 signatures were collected to change it. *ding ding ding*

The magic number showed up in other places, too. The Queen is bucking a 33-year-old traditionby spending Christmas in Windsor and the DOW is about to hit a33-year-old monthly high. Then, there were 33 Guatemalan children sent back to their native country despite a judge order forbidding ICE from returning them.

We discuss the latest presidential goings on and the politicization of Lisa Montgomery's upcoming federal execution.On a lighter note, the Rockefeller Christmas tree owl is okay and returned to wilderness.  

In weed news, the House is expected tovote on the MORE Act tomorrow while Michigan raked in $400 million in the first year of recreational sales. Arizona's Prop 207took effect Monday, the same day that Massachusetts' Cannabis Control Commission gave the green light on new regulations allowing for home delivery. And lastly, the UN may vote tosymbolically de-schedule weed this week.

You may have heard about the mysterious monoliths appearing and disappearing in Utah then showing up in Romania, but did you catch the story of the penis sculpture that mysteriously disappeared from a German mountainside?

 You may have heard about the mysterious Utah/Romania monoliths, but now 

a penis-shaped sculpture has disappeared.AFrench chef got a Guinness recordafter cooking up a pizza with 254 varieties of cheese anda woman went boozerk in a British Aldi.

 We talk about the first time I ever saw an eclipse and next week, we'll discuss the first time I ever went camping. Get your voicemails in meow (816) 607-3663.
Nov 2020

Episode 50 ★ Fine Debu

This episode was brought to you by our executive producer NetNed and the wonderful support of nodebit.  

Louisiana , New Mexico, and Massachusetts reported 33 COVID deaths this past week. 33-year-old R&B singer Jeremih is out of ICU after coming down with the 'VID, and some folks are upset that 33% of the American population didn't vote. 

Missouri announced its own vaccine website now, and Fauci says Santa can't catch COVID. People can now use their own cells to grow "steaks" in the name of art, and a glowing green liquid oozed out of a Toronto sinkhole, but the good news is season nine of Letterkenny premieres December 26! Oh, and Green Wednesday is tomorrow for those in "legal" states. We know it's a recession resistant industry. Heck, Maine just made $1.4 million in its first month of recreational sales. But of course, nothing will truly be legal until the federal scheduling classifications are removed. And until then, medical users can still be terminated from their jobs after pissing dirty for workers' comp docs. Get on those opioids, slave.


There are now lawsuits opposing the legalization initiatives that passed in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota on election day. In one case, a taxpayer-funded entity is battling the state, another taxpayer funded entity, in a battle for and against something the taxpayers backed. 

The Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree looks kind of sad this year. Turns out,
it had a baby owl still living in it when they transported it! In other Christmas tree news, someone decked one out with Toy Story decorations and one Massachusetts resident decided todecorate potholes with them.

Brazilian dudes are riding unicycle broomsticks to the coffee shop while the Japanese are fending off bears with robot wolves. In Turkey, someone won a Guinness record for their 25-foot balloon dinosaur sculpture and a New Hampshire doggo lost in St. Louis found its way home a year later. Oh, and that seawood-covered body that washed up on a Florida beach? It was a store mannequin.

Our First Time I Ever topic this week was seeing the outline of the moon's unlit part. Guess who was the oldest to see that for the first time? Phoneboy inspired next week's FTIE: the First Time I Ever saw an eclipse! Leave us a voicemail, shoot us a text, and say whatever the hell you want at (816) 607-3663!

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