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Bowl After Bowl

Aug 2020

Episode 37 ★ Disservice Announcements

August 26, 2020

Today's episode featured a deep dive into Drug war propaganda and Public (dis)Service Announcements over the decades, with clips from classics like Reefer Madness, This Is Your Brain On Drugs, The Disappointed Talking Dog, and many more. If interested, you can watch Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue here in full.


Laurien also keeps us up-to-date on her Top 3 33 Stories:

Feds and state authorities charge 33, including inmates, with COVID benefit fraud

The Hamilton Collection Trump Statue

33 Examples of Ridiculous 20th Century Anti-MJ Propaganda


We enjoy voicemails from Walkman and Dr. Anthony Fauci as we discuss the First Time I Ever pissed in public.


Next week's #FTIE: "First Time I Ever watched a presidential debate."