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Jul 2020

Episode 32 ★ Kiss and Make Up

A bonus Bowl After Bowl LIVE in the smoker, thanks to our friends over at Hog Story Network.  Spencer touches upon Fauci frustrations with masks and MLB, Laurien relays the latest hiccup in Missouri's medical marijuana program. We play voicemails, share dryer vent stories, talk park orgies and come up with a plan to revive Club 33 for the No Agenda Show. To become Club 33 VIP, leave a voicemail at (816) 607-3663.


Bonus points to Fletcher for picking out the episode name!

Jul 2020

Episode 31 ★ Growing Pains

Welcome back Bowlers! In this episode we battled technical difficulties, as the ISO board was outputting thru our headphones but *NOT* into the main mix 😫 We have smoothed out the roughest parts, cleaned up the intro and we present episode 31 to you mostly as broadcast, with the beautiful little errors and all!

This episode we talked a little bit about Missouri's Castle Doctrine self defense laws as relates to the McCloskey case in St. Louis, we ponder CBD products and their legality and efficacy, and Laurien informs us that THC can be detected in semen.


We will be back with a bonus episode on Friday, 7/24 at 10 pm CST!

Jul 2020

Josh Chittum of Mid-Missouri NORML ★ 023

***This episode of Bowl After Bowl was originally published February 22, 2015. The title and notes have been republished as originally written***



In today's episode, we sit down with Josh Chittum, president of Mid-Missouri NORML and assistant director of the "We Always Swing" Jazz Series.  We discuss our experience tabling with Show-Me Cannabis at Reagan Lincoln Days in Kansas City over the weekend and provide a brief update on Missouri's cannabis legislation. Representative Shamed Dogan has written House Bill 978 to free Jeff Mizanskey, since Governor Nixon continues to ignore his constituents by refusing to grant Jeff clemency.  As for local events, Josh recaps Mid-Missouri NORML's first monthly membership meeting and previews his Twin Peaks party.

Jul 2020

Episode 30 ★ Hoggin’ the Smoker

In this episode we enjoy our new live format, hosted for now on the Hog Story stream. We discussed recent developments in Missouri's medical cannabis program, including an investigation DHSS is conducting into falsified medical patient certifications. We also pondered this map of licensed marijuana facilities across our state.

We wrapped up with a story about a St. Louis gynecologist who studied the effects of marijuana on libido.


Special thanks to Dame Jennifer for providing the vocals for our new intro! Her work can be found at

Jul 2020

Missouri Legislative Update ★ 024

***This episode of Bowl After Bowl was originally published March 13, 2015. The title and notes have been republished as originally written***

Episode 024 is dedicated to the memory of our friend Big Rob. In this episode we talk about Mid-MO NORML's recent scotch tasting fundraiser at the Grand Cru. We also give you a legislative update on pending cannabis-related bills at the capitol and discuss recent developments in Columbia's First Ward city council race.

Jul 2020

Episode 29 ★ My Balls Were Never Better

Laurien and Spencer talk about being unmasked in a masked society. Also discuss the new voicemail feature from the show, as we play a voicemail from our buddy Fletcher. Google botched the transcription of Laurien's message, which became the show title.

 Google transcription of Laurien's voicemail

We also hear a new No Agenda end-of-show mix from Spence, we discuss Pat Mahomes' half-billion dollar extension with our KC Chiefs, and Laurien mixes up a mean horsefeather.

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Leave us a voicemail at (816) 607-3663

Jul 2020

Come Together ★ 025

***This episode of Bowl After Bowl was originally published March 24, 2015. The title and notes have been republished as originally written***

United we stand, divided we fall. All are welcome in our movement, for there is strength in diversity. Mid-Missouri NORML hosted its second general membership meeting featuring a presentation from Show-Me Cannabis Research Director Aaron Malin about the shadiness of Missouri's drug task forces ( Unable to make our meetings? Join a committee and donate your skills when possible. For more info, tune in or shoot an email to

Jul 2020

Episode 28 ★ We’re Goin’ Live

We experiment with live podcasting via podbean and onlyfans. Satan tries to call in to the show. We discus the new setup, Laurien's doula class, and our dreams for the direction of the show.

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May your bowls burn ever brighter!

Jun 2020

Jacob Skowronski of Western Missouri NORML ★ 026

***This episode of Bowl After Bowl was originally published March 30, 2015. The title and notes have been republished as originally written***

We sat down with Deputy Director Jacob Skowronski of Western Missouri NORML. Jacob joined us on our adventure to Cannabis Cup. During the episode, news broke that late auditor Tom Schweich's spokesman, Spence Jackson, was found dead in his apartment.

Jun 2020

Episode 27 ★ Back at long last

After over 5 years hiatus, Spencer and Laurien blow the dust off the mics and the bowls and load another one for you.

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